Is Cloud Computing Safe?

Cloud computing is definitely a revolution in the world of internet technology. It has made new things possible and has helped many save both time and energy. In return, costs have gone down.

However, it is common knowledge that everything has a bright side and a dark side. The cloud is not an exception because there are several concerns by clients - especially when it comes to the issue of safety. Since the mechanisms of the cloud are controlled by unseen people in unknown locations, there is genuine fear about safety as discussed below.

Safety Concerns

There are two major loopholes when it comes to cloud safety. First, you would be worried about hackers or access to your information by illegal or unauthorized persons. This can lead to compromise of classified or private information; all your data is private. Hackers can capitalize from your data or the data can be used to cripple your business. The second type of concern is the malfunction of the infrastructure by the cloud storage services. There are a few companies such as Ma.gnolia that have collapsed, losing vital client data forever.

There is no question that these concerns are real. However, the answer to safety lies with the cloud service provider. Before you register a free account or hire the services of a cloud storage company, read about their terms and conditions. In fact, ask about these safety concerns.

You will be amazed at some of the safety policies out there. Just in case data was compromised or lost, the company must have a cause of action that is supposed to remedy your problem. Many companies will state that their safety policies are top-notch and that there is no fear whatsoever of such happenings.

Obviously, it is not enough to just hear the words; you need to be protected in writing. So yes, the fears pertaining to safety are very real - make sure you are covered in the contract or agreement you sign just before you get access to their services.

You want to work with a cloud service provider that stores a backup copy of all your data. In addition, you need to know what procedures to follow in case something bad was to happen and your data was compromised. With this assurance and knowledge, it is much better to operate in a cloud. It is always wise to work with companies that have been seen to perform better in this area, though. Not every cloud storage service is worth considering.

In life, there are no guarantees and in this regard, you need to be prepared with an assurance from the cloud service provider. Also, be very keen and conduct a thorough research and know what the law in your area says about cloud safety. And do not just stop there. The country where the dedicated private servers are stored will have certain laws governing the operations; seek to find out whether you can find proper reprieve if anything goes wrong in a different location.

Is cloud computing safe? Cloud computing has its own flaws or downsides and despite all the benefits, there is deep concern about safety. It is not perfect or foolproof and to avoid suffering the consequences of cloud insecurity, be proactive to make sure that you have a plan B or that you know where to turn if anything goes seriously wrong. A plan B can be keeping your own personal backup of all your data. It is worth adding that cases of hacking and loss of databases in clouds is rare, but it can happen.

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