An Auto Owner’s Insurance Company

The auto-owner’s insurance company was founded in 1961 with its headquarters in Michigan, U.S., and has found its way in the Fortune 500 list since 2000. It has sixty-five branches all over the world. They initially started out very small from one room in a bank building with almost no capital. And now it is a big organization with a strong balance sheet. Slowly and steadily they expanded their business.

The success story of this company is due to its staff, salesmen, associates, policy holders who have been loyal to them as it is they who have made it possible for the company to give the best quality service.

The name may suggest that the company is only a provider of auto insurance but that is not the case as it provides a variety of insurances apart from auto like workers compensation, property, garage, life and liability. Research has shown that it has been rated as the satisfaction for the highest claims for two consecutive years. This company has a number of subsidiary companies which deal with specific insurances. Hence, this auto insurance company can be considered as a one stop shop for insurances as it has everything under one-roof. The parent organization and its subsidiaries are all rated very highly by institutions recognized nationally.

The organization’s financial background is very healthy and is known for its stability as opposed to the other insurance providers. There are various reasons why one could choose the auto insurance company over the other insurance companies in the market. This is an independent company and therefore has an edge over the others. In view of the auto owners’ insurance company’s history, a client can be relaxed that he would get best use of his money and does not need to bother about anything. This agency has a reputation to do things in the most excellent and perfect manner.

They have a road trouble service program which is available anytime of the day and all through the week. So anytime one requires the services of a towing company all he has to do is call the toll free number and the work will be done.

The company’s quotes can be found on the internet and one can be rest assured that he or she would not be chased by the agents and they can decide at their own pace without being pressurized by getting frantic and frequent call from the company. This is unlike other companies who start stalking you even if just browse through their website and make a general enquiry.

When the policy holder needs to make a claim all he needs to do is call the agent and report the same. After that the agent takes over till it is concluded. Most companies have a centralized system of handling claims but the auto insurance company has claim branches which handle the claims.

The slogan of the company is “the no problem people” and I guess that says it all!!!! For them the client’s satisfaction is most important and they work with the motto in mind that customer should be delighted and not just satisfied. After all it is only the delightmemt that brings them back.

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