Identity Theft And Fraud - It Can Happen To You

Identity theft and fraud are always a concern but during the holiday season it is even more so. Identity thieves absolutely love this time of year. They can steal identities almost at will because people become so complacent and do not try to protect themselves the way they should. Many people suffer from the 'It can't happen to me' syndrome. That is, until it does happen to them.

Then they cannot enjoy the holidays because they have had their identity stolen and have to deal with calling credit card companies and credit bureaus and lawyers and goodness only knows who else to try to fix the problem. It can take years to unravel an identity theft problem. Save yourself a lot of BS and protect yourself right from the get go.

Don't think that it is only credit cards and numbers that can be stolen either. Identity thieves can get your sensitive information by hacking into your computer. Don't think it can't be done. If you can think it up, it probably already has been done. Identity thieves are always looking for new ways to get at sensitive information whether it is going through your trash, your pocketbook, your mail or your computer, no area of your life is untouchable and you should very well keep that in mind.

Everything you do is traceable and subject to identity theft and fraud. There is someone out there who knows you better than you do and frankly if you do not protect yourself from identity theft, yours will be stolen someday, I can guarantee it.

I can hear it now, "Yeah, but my credit is in the dumps. No one in their right mind would want to steal my identity, they could never get anywhere with it." Well, that very well may be but, would it surprise you to know that your identity may have already been stolen? Illegal aliens come into this country and buy 'new identities' and then are able to get a driver's license, a new social security card and credit cards. Where do you think they get these 'new identities'? Someone stole yours!

As long as these illegals continue to live under the radar, pay their bills on time and don't get greedy you will probably never know your identity is being used by someone else. Don't kid yourself, nothing is private anymore.

There are all kinds of scams out there. Never respond to an email that asks for your sensitive information. Any company out there worth their salt will not ask for your sensitive information in an email. The only people who will ask for your sensitive information in an email are the ones who are up to no good and will send your credit rating straight down the tubes.

So when you are shopping online and you have to enter your credit card information make sure the sites you are on are secure and don't give out your information or make it easy for identity theft and fraud to take place.

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