Credit Repair - Lead To A Brighter Future

Dealing with credit issues in today's society can be a lot worse than it may seem at first glance. I mean,  you've already got your mortgage and a great car so why do you need to worry about your credit?  Good question, I used to think the same way too. I had some issues with my credit after my business closed, I mean major issues. 

But since I wasn't looking for a credit card, mortgage or car loan I didn't worry too much about it. That is until I found out I was paying through the nose on my car insurance, not because I had tickets or a bad driving record but because my credit was bad! Who knew! I found out that you need to recognize that credit repair lead to more money in your pocket not just another credit card.

If this is your first rodeo, you may not quite know which way to turn. It's actually pretty simple. You can't fix a problem until you face that problem head on and when it comes to repairing your credit you need to know just how bad off you are, no matter how ugly that is. 

Get a copy of your credit report from all three credit bureaus. That's the first step to stop the bleeding. Make sure there are no mistakes on any of the reports. If you find a mistake contact the company in writing and request they fix the error. Make sure you have the documents needed to back up your claim that a particular item is an error.

Once you've gotten that squared away it's simply a matter of paying your bills on time. When people get in a pinch they will usually concentrate mostly on mortgages, credit card payments and car loan payments and put things like utilities, cable and satellite t.v. payments on the back burner. It's best though to pay all your bills on time. Utility and cable companies report slow payments to credit bureaus too so that will have a very negative impact on your score.

I had to face that exact situation myself several years ago. I just couldn't continue to live the way I had been (not that I was living so high off the hog) but I still needed to find a way to either make more money or have fewer financial obligations. I actually did both. I got a part time job and cut back on some of my expenditures. It took me time but after several months I had made dramatic improvement to my credit score.

It wasn't easy I'll admit. I had to skip my expensive coffees, new clothes and even many a movie to make things work out.  But it was worth it. Once I was out of debt I had more disposable income and I had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. 

If you want to take control of your finances just know that it's never too late. Be willing to commit yourself fully to the process and you too can find that credit repair leads to a brighter future for you and your family.

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